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Khao San Road Tattoo and Makeovers

Khao San Road Makeovers and Tattoos, Bangkok, Thailand
Khao San Road Makeovers and Tattoos, Bangkok, Thailand
Khao San Road Makeovers and Tattoos, Bangkok, Thailand
When you see a traveller wandering around Thailand sporting a new tattoo, piercing or hair extensions, the chances are that they got them in Khao San Road. A number of talented tattoo artists and piercers have set up shop in this area of Bangkok and there are plenty of places to choose from.

Many modern travellers decide to get a tattoo in Thailand as it serves as a permanent reminder of their visit to the Land of Smiles. Customers can choose from either the traditional bamboo tattoo technique known as sak yant or the more common modern method. All tattoo artists provide a large catalogue of images for customers to choose from, and some even offer to create special unique images for a small extra fee.

Khao San Road is a safe place to get a tattoo, as the tattoo artists here have to have certificates and awards for their work, which are checked regularly by the authorities. A large number of famous people have chosen to get their tattoos done in this area, including the actress Angelina Jolie.

Many of the tattoo parlours located on and around Khao San Road also offer body piercing. Quality jewellery tends to be much cheaper in Thailand than in many parts of the world and this is a good time to bite the bullet and get whatever piercing has been on your mind. Again, when it comes to qualifications and cleanliness customers will find that the piercing studios in this part of Bangkok pride themselves on their high standards. Many of the piercers here design and create their own jewellery, while others are willing to use pieces that the customer brings to them from elsewhere.

Some people find that taking care of their hair while travelling is too much of an ordeal. However, Khao San Road has the perfect solution for these people as well as stalls offering hair braiding line the sides of the street. It is possible to relax with a beer and watch the world go by while the hairdressers here add colourful hair extensions or tease and tweak your hair into a range of different styles. If you’ve ever fancied dreadlocks but don’t want the hassle of letting them happen naturally, the women here can work their magic and achieve the classic hairstyle in a matter of minutes.

If all else fails, there are also professional hair salons located in this area, which offer a range of services including shampoos, perms and even head shaving.

For the final step in you Khao San Road makeover, visit one of the massage parlours and choose between traditional Thai, Swedish or oil massages. These establishments also offer services such as manicures, pedicures and waxing to leave you looking and feeling fantastic.