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Mai Pen Rai

mai_pen_rai_1Keep the vibe alive…… You're right. There is a secret behind the famous Thai smiles you've been encountering since arriving in the Kingdom. Indeed such infectious warm greetings are the result of much more than Thai's just being amused or happy at seeing new funny looking foreign faces. If you haven't figured it out yet, then I'd say that at least you've already heard the secret spoken…"Mai Pen Rai"; three little words that calm the heart of a nation.

"Mai Pen Rai", or "nevermind" in English, you will find is literally a way of thinking here in Thailand rather than just a simple phrase, and once accepted and understood by a visitor, only hassle free days will lay ahead of them during their stay here. Just feel this for a moment to get where this funky little phrase is coming from….. If your food order arrives a little late "Mai Pen Rai", you're on holiday and have time….. If your drink arrives and is a little warm "Mai Pen Rai", just ask for some ice….. If you miss the bus "Mai Pen Rai", there will be others…. Now can you feel it….?

mai_pen_rai_2"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not…." Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-1882 American Poet, Essayist. We all have our own problems and worries; in particular while travelling, but the simple difference between our hosts and us is that although Thai's of course have problems similar to our own, they choose not too worry about them! That is to say, Thai's don't ignore their difficulties; instead they just simply decide not to stress themselves out by worrying about them and rather go with the flow of things, hence "Mai Pen Rai"; whatever will happen, will happen, so why worry?

mai_pen_rai_3Using these common words of wisdom "Mai Pen Rai" where you can, will not prevent the odd problem occurring during your magical mystery tour through the kingdom, but they will help to relieve any stress, negativity or tension that may arise along the way. After all, chilling out is why we all came to the "land of smiles" right? You've already made one great decision by visiting Khaosanroad.com; now make another by digging the "Mai Pen Rai" vibe and sharing it with others; especially with those in need of a little positivity wherever your journey takes you.

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