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Future Light Children’s Home

Future Light Children's Home
Many people travel to Thailand in search of a deep, enriching cultural experience, but few seem to find it. If you've already spent time seeing the sights and are looking for the 'real' Thailand, why not visit the Future Light children's home.

Situated in the village of Mae Sot, Tak Province, in north western Thailand, this is is home to 39 orphaned children who come from Myanmar.

Visiting the Future Light Children's home offers the rare opportunity to interact with children, make some memories and learn about traditional life in this part of the world. The surrounding area is intensely beautiful and often overlooked by travellers.

Located 450kms from Bangkok, the Future Light Children's home was started in 2006 after founders Ita and Goin took in some children who were begging underneath the Friendship Bridge in Mae Sot. News of the couple's kindness quickly spread and the home has changed locations a couple of times in order to cope with the growing number of residents.

The Future Light children's home is now located in a large wooden house, which was specially built for the children last year with the kind help of a number of volunteers. It's situated on a large stretch of land near the river complete with 25 vegetable patches, a pigsty with three pigs and chickens running around.

34 of the children at the Future Light children's home attend Baan Ta ad school, and one of the boys is currently the best in English in the entire province of Tak. Thanks to the nurturing environment of the children's home, each of the children is able to excel at school and turn their heartbreaking past experiences into a joyful present, with bright futures on the horizon.

The children love meeting new visitors and learning about different cultures and ways of life. New volunteers are always needed, even if it's just for a couple of hours a day. Check out the Future Light children's home on Facebook and contact either Natasha Whiting or Jennifer Lo to get involved.

Unfortunately, the costs of running the Future Light children's home are quite high as they get through around 400 kilos of rice, 4 barrels of oil and 20 kilograms of fish oil per month. The kids need to be fed three times a day, which means 798 meals have to be provided each week.

If you wish to donate, you can make payments to the following Thai bank account:

Bangkok Bank
Pornpit Karinta (account holders name)

The volunteers at the Future Light children's home are working hard to provide a happy life and bright future for the children of Mae Sot. With your help there is no limit to what they could achieve.

About the author:

Kirsty Turner (Kay) is currently living in Bangkok where she she is a travel writer.