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Riverside School bus on the Orinoco

Sailing up the Orinoco River in Venezuela

A while back I was sailing in a 36 foot cutter with two other sail boats up the Orinoco River in Venezuela. We were going up the river through the jungle as far as you could go. Right at this point we ran aground. We had tricks using the other two boats to pull one another off. We tried everything, no luck. So we waited all night for the water to rise enough to get off. In the morning we were greeted by the school boat. How cool! Here come the kids with mom watching from the top of the bank. It's the same everywhere. We hooted and waved. They all waved back. It was time to try again. We ran a line from the top of our mast to one of the other sail boats. That boat pulled us side ways hard and we tipped over sideways raising the keel out of the mud. Then all three powered dinghies pulled us forward. It worked. We were on our way again. - Bill Stanhope