The Sanctuary of Truth in Chonburi

The Sanctuary of Truth is a unique and fascinating attraction located in the city of Chon Buri, Thailand. This magnificent wooden structure is a masterpiece of traditional Thai architecture and craftsmanship, and it is one of the most impressive religious and cultural landmarks in the country.

The Sanctuary of Truth is a four-sided structure that stands 105 meters tall and covers an area of more than two rai (3,200 square meters). The entire structure is made of wood, without any metal nails or screws, and it is adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures that depict various Buddhist and Hindu deities, as well as mythical creatures and celestial beings.

The Sanctuary of Truth was built in 1981 by a wealthy Thai businessman named Lek Viriyaphant, who had a vision of creating a grand monument that would celebrate the ancient wisdom and spiritual traditions of Thailand. The construction of the sanctuary has been ongoing for over three decades, and it is still not complete, as new carvings and sculptures are constantly being added to the structure.

Visitors to the Sanctuary of Truth can explore the various levels and chambers of the structure, which are filled with beautiful and intricate carvings and sculptures. There are also several cultural shows and performances that take place at the sanctuary, including traditional Thai dance and music performances, as well as demonstrations of traditional Thai crafts and skills.

The Sanctuary of Truth is located on the coast of Chon Buri, just a few kilometers north of Pattaya. The approximate latitude and longitude of the sanctuary are 12.9548° N, 100.9018° E.