Watch the sunset at Cannon Fort in Cat Ba Island

Watch the Sunset at Cannon Fort in Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong, Vietnam

Cat Ba Island is a beautiful destination in Hai Phong, Vietnam. It is known for its stunning beaches, limestone cliffs, and lush forests. One of the best places to experience the beauty of Cat Ba Island is at Cannon Fort.

Cannon Fort is located on a hilltop overlooking the island and the sea. It was built by the French in the late 1800s and was used as a military base during the Vietnam War. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction where visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the island and watch the sunset.

To reach Cannon Fort, you can either hike or take a motorbike. The hike is steep, but the views along the way are worth it. If you prefer to take a motorbike, you can rent one at the town center. The road to Cannon Fort is winding, but it is well-paved and easy to navigate.

Once you reach Cannon Fort, you will be greeted by a breathtaking view of the island and the sea. The best time to visit is during sunset when the sky turns into shades of orange, pink, and purple. You can sit on the grassy hill and watch as the sun slowly disappears into the horizon.

Cannon Fort is located at approximately 20.7325° N, 107.0525° E.