Take a cooking class in Cat Ba Island

Take a Cooking Class in Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong, Vietnam


Cat Ba Island is a beautiful destination in Hai Phong, Vietnam that offers a unique culinary experience. One of the best ways to experience the local cuisine is by taking a cooking class. You'll learn how to cook traditional Vietnamese dishes using fresh, local ingredients and techniques passed down through generations.

What to Expect

The cooking class will typically start with a trip to the local market to purchase fresh ingredients. You'll learn how to select the best produce and meats, and get a glimpse into daily life in Cat Ba Island. After the market, you'll head to the kitchen to start cooking.

The class will be led by a local chef who will guide you through the process of preparing traditional Vietnamese dishes such as pho, spring rolls, and banh mi. You'll learn about the ingredients and techniques used in Vietnamese cooking, and get hands-on experience creating these delicious dishes.

At the end of the class, you'll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and savor the delicious flavors of your creations.

Where to Take a Cooking Class

There are several cooking schools on Cat Ba Island that offer classes for tourists. Some popular options include:

  • Green Mango Restaurant and Cooking School (20.7217° N, 107.0522° E)
  • Phuong Mai Cooking Class (20.7227° N, 107.0522° E)
  • Beo Cooking Class (20.7316° N, 107.0549° E)

Each of these schools offers a unique experience, so be sure to research them before booking.


A cooking class in Cat Ba Island is a must-do activity for foodies and anyone looking to experience the local culture. With the guidance of a local chef, you'll learn to create delicious Vietnamese dishes using fresh, local ingredients. Book a class today and get ready to taste the flavors of Cat Ba Island!