Visit Hospital Cave in Cat Ba Island

Visit Hospital Cave in Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

If you're looking for a unique and fascinating experience in Vietnam, visiting Hospital Cave in Cat Ba Island is a must. Located in the city of Hai Phong, this cave served as a secret underground hospital during the Vietnam War.

The cave is approximately 10km from the center of Cat Ba Island and can be reached by motorbike or taxi. The approximate latitude and longitude of the cave is 20.7468° N, 107.0295° E.

The History of Hospital Cave

During the Vietnam War, the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army used the caves and tunnels of the karst mountains in the area as a base for their operations. In response, the South Vietnamese government and their American allies began a campaign to destroy these tunnels and caves.

However, in 1963, the North Vietnamese Army captured a large area of land on Cat Ba Island and began to build a network of tunnels and caves to use as a hospital and command center. Hospital Cave was one of these caves, and it was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers and civilians during the war.

What to Expect When Visiting Hospital Cave

Visitors to Hospital Cave can take a guided tour of the cave and learn about its history and significance during the war. The cave has been preserved and restored to its original state, with exhibits and artifacts that give visitors a glimpse into life in the cave during the war.

The cave is made up of three levels, with the top level serving as the operating room and the lower levels used for storage and living quarters. The cave is well-lit and easy to navigate, and visitors can see the original equipment and medical supplies used during the war.


Visiting Hospital Cave in Cat Ba Island is a unique and educational experience that offers a glimpse into the history of the Vietnam War. Whether you're a history buff or just looking for something different to do in Vietnam, Hospital Cave is definitely worth a visit.