Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City

Cu Chi Tunnels Guide

The Cu Chi Tunnels are an extensive network of underground tunnels located in the Ho Chi Minh City city of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. They were used by the Viet Cong soldiers during the Vietnam War to hide from the enemy and launch surprise attacks.


The approximate latitude and longitude of the Cu Chi Tunnels are 11.1301° N, 106.3598° E.


The Cu Chi Tunnels were originally built during the French colonial period in the 1940s. They were later expanded by the Viet Cong soldiers during the Vietnam War. The tunnels were used for a variety of purposes including living quarters, hospitals, storage facilities, and command centers.

Visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels

Today, the Cu Chi Tunnels are a popular tourist attraction and visitors can explore a section of the tunnels that have been preserved and opened to the public. The tunnels are narrow and dark, and visitors are advised to wear comfortable clothing and shoes.


  • The shooting range where visitors can try their hand at firing a variety of weapons including AK-47s and M16s.
  • The booby traps that were used by the Viet Cong soldiers to protect the tunnels.
  • The underground living quarters that give visitors a glimpse into the daily life of the soldiers who lived in the tunnels.

Tips for Visitors

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes as the tunnels can be narrow and cramped.
  • Bring insect repellent as there are many mosquitoes in the area.
  • Be prepared for a lot of walking and climbing as the tunnels are spread out over a large area.


The Cu Chi Tunnels are a fascinating piece of history that offer visitors a unique insight into the Vietnam War. Whether you are a history buff or just looking for an exciting adventure, the Cu Chi Tunnels are definitely worth a visit.