Top 10 things to do in Soc Trang Province

  1. Bat Pagoda

    Address: Ấp Bát, Vĩnh Châu, Sóc Trăng

    Bat Pagoda is a beautiful and unique pagoda located in Soc Trang Province. It is famous for its thousands of bats that hang from the trees and fly around the pagoda at dusk. It's a must-see attraction for animal lovers and those who want to experience something different.

  2. My Phuoc Islet

    Address: My Phuoc Commune, My Tu District, Soc Trang Province

    My Phuoc Islet is a peaceful and picturesque place that offers visitors a chance to relax and enjoy nature. The islet is surrounded by water and has many coconut trees and fruit gardens. Visitors can also take a boat ride to explore the nearby mangrove forest.

  3. Khmer Museum

    Address: 173 Nguyễn Huệ, Ward 4, Sóc Trăng

    The Khmer Museum is a great place to learn about the culture and history of the Khmer people in Soc Trang Province. The museum has a collection of artifacts, photos, and documents that showcase the Khmer's way of life, religion, and traditions.

  4. Nga Nam Floating Market

    Address: Nga Nam Town, Thanh Tri District, Soc Trang Province

    The Nga Nam Floating Market is one of the largest and busiest floating markets in the Mekong Delta. Visitors can see local people selling and buying goods from boats, such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, and handicrafts. It's a great place to experience the local culture and taste local food.

  5. Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary

    Address: Thới Bình District, Soc Trang Province

    The Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary is a natural habitat for many species of storks, egrets, herons, and other water birds. Visitors can observe the birds from a distance and take photos. It's a great place for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

  6. Tay Do Night Market

    Address: 30 Thống Nhất, Ward 4, Soc Trang City

    The Tay Do Night Market is a bustling market that opens from 6 pm to midnight. Visitors can find a variety of goods, such as clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, and souvenirs. There are also many food stalls that serve local delicacies, such as banh xeo, banh khot, and hu tieu.

  7. Phuoc Kien Pagoda

    Address: Thạnh Tri, Sóc Trăng

    Phuoc Kien Pagoda is a beautiful and peaceful temple that is over 200 years old. It has many intricate carvings and statues that reflect the Chinese and Khmer influence. Visitors can also see the giant Buddha statue and the ancient bell tower.

  8. My Khanh Tourist Village

    Address: Phuoc Long Hamlet, My Khanh Commune, Phong Dien District, Can Tho City

    My Khanh Tourist Village is a fun and entertaining place that offers many activities for families and groups. Visitors can ride on a buffalo cart, row a boat, play folk games, watch a water puppet show, and taste local food. There are also many souvenir shops and cafes.

  9. Truc Lam Phuong Nam Zen Monastery

    Address: Ấp Phước Lương, Vĩnh Châu, Sóc Trăng

    Truc Lam Phuong Nam Zen Monastery is a peaceful and spiritual place that is surrounded by lush gardens and ponds. Visitors can practice meditation, listen to Buddhist teachings, and admire the architecture and artwork of the temple. It's a great place to find inner peace and tranquility.

  10. Mini Angkor Wat

    Address: Nguyễn Tất Thành, Vĩnh Châu, Sóc Trăng

    Mini Angkor Wat is a replica of the famous Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. It is a popular attraction for tourists who want to see the Khmer architecture and art without leaving Vietnam. Visitors can walk around the temple, take photos, and learn about the history and culture of the Khmer people.