Ban Kiet Ngong Village in Xékong Province

Ban Kiet Ngong Village Guide

Ban Kiet Ngong Village is located in the Xékong Province of Laos. The village is known for its beautiful natural scenery, traditional culture, and friendly locals. The approximate latitude and longitude of Ban Kiet Ngong Village is 15.2667° N, 107.4333° E.

Things to Do in Ban Kiet Ngong Village

  • Visit the Ban Kiet Ngong Waterfall: This stunning waterfall is located in a lush forest and is a popular spot for swimming, picnicking, and relaxing.
  • Explore the Village: Take a walk through the village and experience the traditional way of life. You can see the locals weaving, farming, and cooking.
  • Visit the Local Market: The village market is a great place to find local handicrafts, fresh produce, and traditional Lao food.
  • Go Trekking: Ban Kiet Ngong Village is surrounded by beautiful hills and forests, making it a great place for trekking. You can explore the area on foot and see the stunning scenery.
  • Learn About Traditional Culture: The village is home to the Katu people, who have a unique culture and way of life. You can learn about their traditions, beliefs, and customs by talking to the locals.

Where to Stay in Ban Kiet Ngong Village

There are several guesthouses and homestays in the village where you can stay and experience the local way of life. Some popular options include:

  • Ban Kiet Ngong Homestay: This homestay offers comfortable rooms and traditional Lao meals. The hosts are friendly and can help you plan your activities in the village.
  • Ban Kiet Ngong Guesthouse: This guesthouse is located near the village market and offers clean and comfortable rooms. The staff can arrange trekking and other activities for you.
  • Ban Kiet Ngong Resort: This resort is located near the Ban Kiet Ngong Waterfall and offers bungalows with beautiful views of the forest. The resort has a restaurant and can arrange tours and activities for you.

How to Get to Ban Kiet Ngong Village

The easiest way to get to Ban Kiet Ngong Village is by hiring a private car or taking a bus from Pakse. The village is located about 60 km from Pakse and the journey takes about 2 hours. You can also hire a motorbike and drive yourself, but be aware that the roads can be rough and difficult to navigate.

Overall, Ban Kiet Ngong Village is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit in Laos. Whether you want to explore the natural scenery, learn about traditional culture, or simply relax and enjoy the local way of life, this village has something for everyone.