Go white-water rafting in Davao River in Compostela Valley Province

Go White-Water Rafting in Davao River

If you're looking for an adventure in the Philippines, white-water rafting in Davao River is a must-try activity. Located in the Compostela Valley Province, Davao River offers a thrilling experience for both beginners and experienced rafters.

Getting There

The nearest airport to Compostela Valley Province is the Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao City. From there, you can take a bus or hire a private vehicle to get to the jump-off point for rafting in Davao River. The approximate latitude and longitude of the jump-off point is 7.6313° N, 125.9483° E.

What to Expect

Davao River has rapids ranging from Class II to Class IV, which means you can expect a combination of moderate to difficult rapids. The river also offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and lush forests.

Before the start of the rafting adventure, you will be given a safety briefing and instructed on proper paddling techniques. You will also be provided with safety gear such as helmets and life vests.

The entire rafting experience takes around 3-4 hours, including breaks for snacks and photo opportunities. You can also opt for a longer rafting adventure that includes a lunch break and a visit to a nearby waterfall.

Tips for a Great Experience

  • Wear comfortable, quick-drying clothes and shoes that can get wet.
  • Bring a waterproof camera or a waterproof case for your phone to capture the beautiful scenery.
  • Listen carefully to the safety briefing and follow the instructions of your guide.
  • Don't forget to apply sunscreen and insect repellent.

White-water rafting in Davao River is an unforgettable experience that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and a newfound appreciation for nature's beauty. Book your adventure now!