Mount Phousi in Savannahkhét Province

Mount Phousi

Mount Phousi is a hill located in the center of Luang Prabang, in the Savannahkhét Province of Laos. It rises to a height of 100 meters and offers stunning panoramic views of the entire city. The approximate latitude and longitude of Mount Phousi is 19.8845° N, 102.1416° E.

How to Get There

Mount Phousi is easily accessible from anywhere in Luang Prabang. The hill is located in the center of the city and can be reached on foot or by tuk-tuk. There are several entrances to the hill, but the most popular one is located at the foot of the hill on Sisavangvong Road.

What to Expect

The climb up Mount Phousi can be quite steep and tiring, but the views from the top are well worth the effort. Along the way, you will encounter several temples and shrines, including the Wat Tham Phousi and the Wat Chom Si. These temples offer a glimpse into the rich history and culture of Laos.

Once you reach the summit, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the entire city. You can see the Mekong River, the surrounding mountains, and the many temples and buildings of Luang Prabang. The best time to visit Mount Phousi is at sunset, when the sky turns a beautiful shade of pink and orange.

Tips for Visitors

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, as the climb up Mount Phousi can be quite steep and tiring.
  • Bring a camera to capture the stunning views from the summit.
  • Visit Mount Phousi at sunset for the best views.
  • Respect the local culture and traditions by dressing modestly and removing your shoes before entering any temples or shrines.

Overall, Mount Phousi is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Luang Prabang. With its stunning views, rich history, and cultural significance, it is sure to be a highlight of your trip to Laos.