Plain of Jars in Xiangkhoang Province

Explore the Plain of Jars in Xiangkhoang Province, Laos

The Plain of Jars is a large archaeological landscape in the Xiangkhoang Province of Laos. This area is known for its mysterious and unique stone jars that are scattered across the landscape. These jars are believed to have been used for burial rituals by an ancient civilization, but their exact purpose remains a mystery.

The Plain of Jars is located in central Laos and covers an area of over 2,100 square kilometers. The approximate latitude and longitude of the site is 19.2707° N, 103.5070° E. The area is surrounded by rolling hills and lush forests, making it a beautiful and peaceful place to visit.

Exploring the Plain of Jars

There are several different sites within the Plain of Jars that you can explore. Site 1 is the most popular and accessible site, and it is located just outside the town of Phonsavan. This site contains over 300 jars, as well as a small museum where you can learn more about the history and significance of the site.

Site 2 is located about 25 kilometers south of Site 1, and it contains over 90 jars. This site is less developed than Site 1, but it is still worth a visit if you have the time.

Site 3 is located about 10 kilometers southwest of Site 2, and it is the most remote and least visited site. This site contains around 150 jars, but it is difficult to access due to the rough terrain.

Tips for Visiting the Plain of Jars

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, as you will be doing a lot of walking and hiking.
  • Bring plenty of water and sunscreen, as it can get very hot and sunny in the area.
  • Hire a local guide to help you navigate the sites and learn more about the history and culture of the area.
  • Respect the site and do not climb on or damage the jars.
  • Visit in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the hottest part of the day.


The Plain of Jars is a fascinating and mysterious archaeological site that is well worth a visit if you are traveling in Laos. With its unique stone jars, beautiful scenery, and rich history, it is sure to be a highlight of your trip.