1. Pagsanjan Falls

    Address: Cavinti, Laguna
    Description: Take a thrilling boat ride through rapids and cascading waterfalls to reach the stunning Pagsanjan Falls. The natural beauty and excitement of this experience is unmatched.
  2. Enchanted Kingdom

    Address: San Lorenzo South, Santa Rosa, Laguna
    Description: This amusement park offers a variety of rides and attractions for all ages, from roller coasters to water rides to live shows. It's a fun-filled day for the whole family.
  3. Lake Caliraya

    Address: Lumban, Laguna
    Description: This scenic lake is perfect for water sports such as kayaking, fishing, and jet skiing. The surrounding mountains and lush forests provide a beautiful backdrop for a day on the water.
  4. Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

    Address: Nagcarlan, Laguna
    Description: This unique cemetery features an underground chamber where the remains of past residents are interred. It's a fascinating and eerie glimpse into the history of the area.
  5. Liliw Church and Footwear Shopping

    Address: Liliw, Laguna
    Description: Visit the historic church in Liliw and then explore the town's many shoe stores, where you can find high-quality, handmade footwear at affordable prices.
  6. Hidden Valley Springs

    Address: Alaminos, Laguna
    Description: This lush, tropical oasis features hot springs, waterfalls, and natural pools for swimming and relaxation. It's a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  7. Mount Makiling

    Address: Los Baños, Laguna
    Description: This mountain is a popular destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts. The trail offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and a chance to spot local wildlife.
  8. Paete Wood Carvings

    Address: Paete, Laguna
    Description: This town is known for its skilled wood carvers, who create beautiful and intricate sculptures and furniture. Take a stroll through the streets to admire their work and pick up a unique souvenir.
  9. Shooting Range

    Address: Santa Cruz, Laguna
    Description: Test your marksmanship skills at this shooting range, which offers a variety of firearms and targets for a thrilling and challenging experience.
  10. Calamba Hot Springs

    Address: Calamba, Laguna
    Description: Relax in the warm, soothing waters of these natural hot springs. The mineral-rich water is said to have healing properties and is a popular destination for those seeking a spa-like experience.