Sri Thanu is a charming and laid-back area located on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan in Surat Thani, Thailand. Known for its bohemian vibe and stunning natural beauty, Sri Thanu is a must-visit destination for any traveler looking for a unique and authentic experience. The area is home to a vibrant community of artists, musicians, and yogis, making it the perfect place to relax and reconnect with yourself. The beaches in Sri Thanu are some of the most beautiful on the island, with crystal-clear waters and soft white sand. The area is also known for its incredible sunsets, which are a true sight to behold. When it comes to food, Sri Thanu has plenty of options to choose from, with a range of restaurants serving up delicious Thai and international cuisine. For those looking to explore the area, there are plenty of activities to enjoy, including hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking. Whether you're looking to unwind on the beach, explore the local culture, or simply soak up the natural beauty of Koh Phangan, Sri Thanu is the perfect place to do it all.