Sam Mountain / Ba Chua Su Temple Area

  1. Sam Mountain

    Address: N/A
    Description: Hike to the top of Sam Mountain for breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and Mekong River. There are also several pagodas and shrines to explore along the way.
  2. Ba Chua Su Temple

    Address: N/A
    Description: This temple is dedicated to the goddess of the same name and is a popular pilgrimage site for locals. The temple complex includes several buildings and beautiful gardens.
  3. Tra Su Cajuput Forest

    Address: Tịnh Biên, An Giang
    Description: Take a boat tour through this stunning forest filled with towering cajuput trees and diverse wildlife. You may even spot a few endangered species, such as the white-winged duck.
  4. Chau Doc Floating Market

    Address: N/A
    Description: Experience the bustling atmosphere of a traditional Vietnamese floating market. You can sample local foods and shop for souvenirs while watching boats loaded with goods pass by.
  5. Thot Not Bird Sanctuary

    Address: Thốt Nốt, Thốt Nốt District, Can Tho
    Description: This sanctuary is home to over 200 species of birds, including many rare and endangered species. Visitors can take a guided tour or hike through the wetlands to spot the feathered residents.
  6. Chau Doc Night Market

    Address: N/A
    Description: Sample street food and shop for souvenirs at this bustling night market. You can find everything from clothing to electronics to traditional handicrafts.
  7. Sampan Cruise on the Mekong River

    Address: N/A
    Description: Take a leisurely cruise down the Mekong River on a traditional sampan boat. You'll see local fishermen and floating villages along the way.
  8. Tay An Pagoda

    Address: ấp Tây An, An Phú, An Giang
    Description: This ornate pagoda is a beautiful example of Khmer architecture. Visitors can explore the temple complex and see the many intricate carvings and statues.
  9. Cham Village

    Address: N/A
    Description: Visit this traditional Cham village to learn about the culture and history of the Cham people. You can see traditional weaving and pottery techniques and sample Cham cuisine.
  10. Sam Mountain Sound and Light Show

    Address: N/A
    Description: Watch a spectacular sound and light show at the top of Sam Mountain. The show tells the story of the region's history and folklore through music, dance, and special effects.