Top 10 things to do in Loc Tho Area

  1. Thap Ba Hot Springs
    Address: 15 Ngoc Son, Ngoc Hiep, Nha Trang
    Experience the healing properties of natural hot springs at Thap Ba Hot Springs. Relax in the warm waters and enjoy a variety of spa treatments, including mud baths and massages.
  2. Po Nagar Cham Towers
    Address: 2 Thang 4, Vinh Phuoc, Nha Trang
    Explore the ancient ruins of the Po Nagar Cham Towers, a complex of temples built between the 7th and 12th centuries by the Cham people. Learn about the history and culture of this fascinating civilization.
  3. Nha Trang Beach
    Address: Tran Phu, Nha Trang
    Soak up the sun and enjoy the warm waters of Nha Trang Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Vietnam. Relax on the sand or try your hand at water sports like jet skiing and parasailing.
  4. Dam Market
    Address: Ben Cho, Van Thanh, Nha Trang
    Browse the stalls and shops at Dam Market, one of the largest markets in Nha Trang. Shop for souvenirs, clothing, and local specialties like dried seafood and rice noodles.
  5. Nha Trang Cathedral
    Address: 31 Thai Nguyen, Tan Lap, Nha Trang
    Admire the beautiful architecture of Nha Trang Cathedral, a French Gothic-style church built in the late 19th century. Attend a service or simply enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
  6. Long Son Pagoda
    Address: Thai Nguyen, Phuong Son, Nha Trang
    Climb the 152 steps to the top of Long Son Pagoda, a beautiful Buddhist temple with a towering white Buddha statue. Enjoy panoramic views of Nha Trang from the top.
  7. Nha Trang Night Market
    Address: Tran Quang Khai, Loc Tho, Nha Trang
    Sample local street food and shop for souvenirs at the Nha Trang Night Market, a bustling marketplace that comes alive after dark. Try grilled seafood, Banh Mi sandwiches, and more.
  8. Monkey Island
    Address: Hon Lao, Nha Phu Bay, Nha Trang
    Take a boat tour to Monkey Island, a nature reserve home to hundreds of playful monkeys. Watch them swing from trees and interact with each other in their natural habitat.
  9. Vinpearl Land
    Address: Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang
    Have a fun-filled day at Vinpearl Land, a theme park located on Hon Tre Island. Ride roller coasters, watch live shows, and cool off at the water park.
  10. Ba Ho Waterfalls
    Address: Ninh Ich, Ninh Hoa, Nha Trang
    Hike to Ba Ho Waterfalls, a series of three cascading waterfalls surrounded by lush jungle. Swim in the natural pools and enjoy a picnic lunch in this tranquil setting.