Top 10 things to do in Ao Num Mao Bay Area

  1. Island hopping with Ao Nang Speedboat

    Address: 37/1 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Krabi

    Explore the stunning islands and beaches around Ao Nang with Ao Nang Speedboat. You'll get to visit iconic spots like Poda Island and Chicken Island, and enjoy snorkelling and swimming in the crystal-clear waters.

  2. Rock climbing with Real Rocks Climbing School

    Address: 4203, Ao Nang, Krabi

    Whether you're a beginner or an experienced climber, Real Rocks Climbing School has a range of courses and climbs to suit your level. Enjoy stunning views of the bay as you scale limestone cliffs and challenge yourself physically and mentally.

  3. Thai cooking class with Ya's Cookery School

    Address: 4203, Ao Nang, Krabi

    Learn how to cook authentic Thai dishes with Ya's Cookery School. You'll get to visit a local market to pick out fresh ingredients, and then learn how to prepare and cook classic Thai dishes like tom yum soup and green curry.

  4. Elephant trekking with Ao Nang Elephant Village

    Address: 113 Moo 3, Ao Nang, Krabi

    Experience the majesty of elephants up close with Ao Nang Elephant Village. Take a trek through the jungle on the back of an elephant, and learn about these incredible animals from experienced guides.

  5. Snorkelling with Krabi Sea Cruise

    Address: 49 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Krabi

    Explore the vibrant underwater world of Ao Nang with Krabi Sea Cruise. You'll get to snorkel at some of the most beautiful spots in the bay, and see colourful corals and a variety of marine life.

  6. Massage and spa treatments at Wareerak Hot Spring Spa

    Address: 117 Moo 3, Ao Nang, Krabi

    Relax and rejuvenate at Wareerak Hot Spring Spa. Enjoy a variety of massage and spa treatments, including hot stone massage, herbal compress massage, and traditional Thai massage.

  7. Visit Railay Beach

    Address: Railay Beach, Krabi

    Take a short boat ride from Ao Nang to Railay Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. Enjoy the white sand and turquoise water, and explore the caves and limestone cliffs that make this spot so unique.

  8. Visit the Tiger Cave Temple

    Address: Wat Tham Sua, Krabi

    Climb the 1,237 steps to the top of the Tiger Cave Temple for breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Along the way, you'll pass by stunning Buddhist statues and shrines, and have the chance to see wild monkeys.

  9. Explore Krabi Town

    Address: Krabi Town, Krabi

    Take a break from the beach and explore the charming town of Krabi. Visit the night markets for delicious street food, check out the local shops and boutiques, and see the beautiful Wat Kaew Korawaram temple.

  10. Go scuba diving with Sea Gypsy Divers

    Address: 4203, Ao Nang, Krabi

    Explore the underwater world of Ao Nang with Sea Gypsy Divers. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, they have courses and dives to suit your level. You'll get to see a variety of marine life, including colourful fish, rays, and even sharks.