Visit the Handunugoda Tea Estate in Galle

Handunugoda Tea Estate

If you're looking for a unique and interesting experience while in Galle, Sri Lanka, be sure to visit the Handunugoda Tea Estate. Located approximately 20km from the city center, the tea estate is easily accessible by car or tuk-tuk.

About the Tea Estate

The Handunugoda Tea Estate is a family-owned business that has been producing tea for over 150 years. The estate is situated on a beautiful property that is home to a variety of exotic plants and animals, including peacocks and monkeys.

Tours and Tastings

One of the highlights of visiting the Handunugoda Tea Estate is the opportunity to take a guided tour of the property. During the tour, you'll learn about the history of the estate, the tea-making process, and the different types of tea that are produced there.

After the tour, you'll have the chance to taste some of the estate's delicious tea. The tea tasting is a great way to experience the different flavors and aromas of the tea, and you'll be able to purchase your favorites to take home with you.

Getting There

The Handunugoda Tea Estate is located at approximate latitude 6.0422° N, longitude 80.2308° E. From Galle, you can take a taxi or tuk-tuk to the estate, which is approximately a 30-minute drive away.


Visiting the Handunugoda Tea Estate is a must-do activity for anyone interested in Sri Lanka's tea culture. With its beautiful setting, fascinating history, and delicious tea, it's an experience you won't soon forget.