Kurume Area

Kurume area in Fukuoka, Japan is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by adventurous travelers. This charming city is known for its rich history, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking natural scenery. The area is famous for its Kurume Kasuri fabric, a traditional textile made from locally grown cotton, and visitors can witness the intricate weaving process at the Kasuri Memorial Hall. Foodies will love the local specialty, ramen, which is made with a unique, thick broth and chewy noodles. The Kurume Ramen Festival is a must-visit event for those looking to indulge in this savory dish. Nature lovers will be amazed by the stunning landscapes of the Kurume Azalea Garden, which boasts over 20,000 azalea plants in various colors. The area is also home to the scenic Kora Taisha Shrine, a beautiful Shinto shrine with a rich history and stunning architecture. Visitors can also take a relaxing stroll along the Chikugo River, which offers picturesque views of the surrounding mountains. With its blend of culture, cuisine, and natural beauty, Kurume area is a must-visit destination for any traveler looking to experience the best of Japan.

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