Shiraoi Jingu Shrine in Shiraoi Area

Shiraoi Jingu Shrine

Located in the Shiraoi area of Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan, the Shiraoi Jingu Shrine is a must-visit for anyone interested in Japanese culture and history. The shrine is dedicated to the god of the sea, and is surrounded by lush forests and beautiful gardens.


The Shiraoi Jingu Shrine was first built in the 8th century, and has been rebuilt and restored several times since then. It was originally built to honor the god of the sea, who was believed to protect the local fishermen and their boats. Over the years, the shrine has become a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

What to See

When you visit the Shiraoi Jingu Shrine, you'll see a number of impressive structures and artifacts. Some of the highlights include:

  • The main shrine building, which features intricate carvings and beautiful paintings
  • The torii gate, which marks the entrance to the shrine
  • The sacred tree, which is said to grant wishes to those who pray to it
  • The stone lanterns, which are lit during festivals and other special occasions

How to Get There

The Shiraoi Jingu Shrine is located in the Shiraoi area of Niseko, Hokkaido. The approximate latitude and longitude of the shrine is 42.5999° N, 141.3360° E. The easiest way to get there is by car or taxi. If you're coming from Sapporo, it will take about 2 hours to reach the shrine.

When to Visit

The Shiraoi Jingu Shrine is open year-round, but the best time to visit is during the spring and autumn months. During these seasons, the weather is mild and the gardens surrounding the shrine are in full bloom. If you're lucky, you may even be able to catch one of the shrine's many festivals or events.


If you're planning a trip to Niseko, be sure to add the Shiraoi Jingu Shrine to your itinerary. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and beautiful surroundings, it's sure to be a highlight of your trip.