Matsumae Festival in Matsumae


The Matsumae Festival is an annual event held in the city of Matsumae in Hokkaido, Japan. This festival is known for its beautiful cherry blossom displays and traditional Japanese performances.


The Matsumae Festival is held in Matsumae city, which is located in the southern part of Hokkaido. The approximate latitude and longitude of the city are 41.3892° N, 140.0744° E.


The Matsumae Festival has been held since 1962 to celebrate the arrival of spring and the blooming of cherry blossoms. The festival also serves to promote tourism in the area.


During the festival, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, including:

  • Cherry blossom viewing
  • Traditional Japanese performances, such as taiko drumming and dance
  • Food stalls selling local delicacies
  • Art and craft exhibitions

Getting There

Matsumae city can be accessed by car or public transportation. The nearest train station is Kikonai Station, which is about 30 minutes away by car. There are also buses that run from Hakodate city to Matsumae city.


There are several hotels and ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) in Matsumae city. It is recommended to book in advance during the festival period.


The Matsumae Festival is a must-visit event for anyone traveling to Hokkaido during the spring season. With its stunning cherry blossom displays and traditional Japanese performances, it is a unique cultural experience that should not be missed.