Matsumae Onsen in Matsumae

Matsumae Onsen

Matsumae Onsen is a hot spring resort located in the Matsumae city of Hokkaido, Japan. It is a popular destination for tourists who want to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.


Matsumae Onsen is located at approximately 41.3981° N, 140.2569° E.


The hot spring has been known and used for over 300 years. It was discovered by a hunter who noticed that animals were bathing in the hot water. The hunter then tried it himself and found that the hot water had healing properties. The hot spring was then developed into a resort in the early 1900s.


Matsumae Onsen has a variety of facilities for visitors to enjoy. There are several different types of hot springs available, including indoor and outdoor baths. The water is rich in minerals and is said to have healing properties for a variety of ailments. There are also several restaurants and cafes in the area, as well as souvenir shops and other tourist attractions.

Things to Do

Aside from bathing in the hot springs, there are several other activities to enjoy in the area. Visitors can go hiking in the nearby mountains, or take a scenic drive through the countryside. There are also several cultural attractions, including museums and historical sites, that are worth visiting.


Matsumae Onsen is a wonderful destination for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Hokkaido. Whether you're looking to soak in the hot springs, go hiking, or explore the local culture, there is something for everyone in this charming resort town.