Take a stroll through the Hagi Historic District in Hagi

Take a Stroll Through the Hagi Historic District in Yamaguchi, Japan


The Hagi Historic District is a beautifully preserved area in Hagi city, Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan. It was once the political and cultural center of the Choshu domain during the Edo period (1603-1868). The district is home to many samurai residences, temples, shrines, and other historical buildings that reflect the rich history and culture of Hagi.

Getting There

  • The Hagi Historic District is located in the center of Hagi city.
  • By train: Take the JR Sanin Main Line to Higashi-Hagi Station, then take a bus or taxi to the district.
  • By bus: Take a bus from Yamaguchi Station to Hagi Bus Center, then walk to the district.

What to See and Do

  • Visit the Hagi Castle Ruins, which offer spectacular views of the city and the Sea of Japan.
  • Explore the many samurai residences, such as the Kikuya Residence and the Yoshida Shoin Residence, which was the birthplace of the famous scholar Yoshida Shoin.
  • Visit the Shizuki Park, which is home to the Hagi City Museum and the Hagi Uragami Museum.
  • Take a stroll along the historic streets, such as the Chokoku-no-michi (Sculpture Street) and the Taisho Roman Yokocho (Taisho Roman Alley).
  • Visit the many temples and shrines, such as the Daishoin Temple and the Tokoji Temple.

Where to Eat

  • Try the local delicacies, such as the Hagi beef and the Hagi yaki (pottery).
  • Visit the many restaurants and cafes in the district, such as the Kikuya Cafe and the Hagi no Sato Cafe.

Where to Stay

  • There are many traditional Japanese inns (ryokans) and hotels in Hagi city, such as the Hagi Grand Hotel Tenkuu.
  • You can also stay in a traditional Japanese house (minshuku) in the district, such as the Hagi Akatsuki-an.