Hida Folk Village in Takayama Area

Hida Folk Village

Hida Folk Village, also known as Hida no Sato, is an open-air museum located in the Takayama area of Nagano, Japan. It is a popular tourist destination that showcases the traditional lifestyle and architecture of the Hida region.


The approximate latitude and longitude of Hida Folk Village are 36.1419° N, 137.2514° E.


The village was established in 1971 as a way to preserve the traditional culture of the Hida region. The houses and buildings in the village were relocated from various parts of the region and reconstructed on the site.


Visitors to Hida Folk Village can explore the various traditional houses and buildings, including farmhouses, a sake brewery, and a shrine. The village also features a museum that displays traditional tools and crafts from the Hida region.

One of the highlights of the village is the opportunity to see traditional craftspeople at work. Visitors can watch artisans create pottery, lacquerware, and other traditional items using traditional techniques.


Hida Folk Village hosts several events throughout the year, including a winter festival in February and a summer festival in August. During these festivals, visitors can enjoy traditional music and dance performances, food stalls, and other activities.


Hida Folk Village is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in traditional Japanese culture. With its beautiful architecture, traditional crafts, and cultural events, the village offers a unique glimpse into the rich history of the Hida region.