Nantan Tosenkyo Sake Brewery in Nantan Area

Nantan Tosenkyo Sake Brewery

If you're a fan of sake, then a visit to Nantan Tosenkyo Sake Brewery in Kyoto, Japan is a must. Located in the Nantan area of Kyoto, this brewery has been producing high-quality sake for over 150 years.

History of Nantan Tosenkyo Sake Brewery

The brewery was founded in 1863 by the Kojima family, who had been making sake for generations. They chose the location because of the pure, clean water that flows from the nearby Mt. Oe. Today, the brewery is run by the fifth generation of the Kojima family.

Touring the Brewery

When you visit Nantan Tosenkyo Sake Brewery, you can take a tour of the facility to learn about the sake-making process. The tour includes a visit to the koji room, where the rice is steamed and inoculated with koji mold, as well as the fermentation room, where the sake is fermented and aged. You'll also get to taste some of the brewery's delicious sake.

Buying Sake

Of course, no visit to a sake brewery is complete without buying some sake to take home with you. Nantan Tosenkyo Sake Brewery has a shop where you can purchase their sake, as well as other local products. The staff can help you choose the perfect sake for your taste preferences and budget.

Getting There

The approximate latitude and longitude of Nantan Tosenkyo Sake Brewery is 35.1526° N, 135.3450° E. The easiest way to get there is by car, as the brewery is located in a rural area. However, if you don't have a car, you can take a train to JR Sonobe Station and then a bus to the brewery.


Nantan Tosenkyo Sake Brewery is a must-visit destination for sake lovers. The brewery's rich history and commitment to quality make it a standout among Kyoto's many sake breweries. So why not plan a visit and taste some of the best sake Japan has to offer?