Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido

Sapporo Snow Festival

The Sapporo Snow Festival is an annual winter event held in the city of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. It is one of the largest winter festivals in the world, attracting millions of visitors each year.


The festival began in 1950 when a group of high school students built six snow statues in Odori Park. Since then, the festival has grown in size and popularity, featuring elaborate snow and ice sculptures, food and drink stalls, and live performances.


The festival takes place in various locations throughout the city, including:

  • Odori Park (43.0618° N, 141.3545° E): The main site of the festival, featuring large snow and ice sculptures, food and drink stalls, and live performances.
  • Susukino (43.0550° N, 141.3504° E): The entertainment district of Sapporo, featuring ice sculptures and food and drink stalls.
  • Tsudome (43.0825° N, 141.3371° E): A park on the outskirts of the city, featuring snow slides and other winter activities.


The festival offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy, including:

  • Viewing snow and ice sculptures: The main attraction of the festival, featuring intricate and elaborate sculptures of various themes and sizes.
  • Eating and drinking: Food and drink stalls offer a variety of local and international cuisine and beverages.
  • Live performances: Music, dance, and other performances take place throughout the festival.
  • Winter sports: Tsudome offers snow slides, snow rafting, ice skating, and other winter activities.

Tips for Visitors

To make the most of your visit to the Sapporo Snow Festival, consider the following tips:

  • Dress warmly: Hokkaido is known for its cold winters, so be sure to wear warm clothing and shoes.
  • Arrive early: The festival can get crowded, so arriving early can help you avoid long lines and crowds.
  • Bring cash: Many food and drink stalls at the festival only accept cash.
  • Take public transportation: Parking can be difficult to find during the festival, so consider taking public transportation instead.

Overall, the Sapporo Snow Festival is a must-see event for anyone visiting Hokkaido during the winter months. With its stunning snow and ice sculptures, delicious food and drink, and fun activities, it is sure to be a memorable experience.