Nikko Edo Wonderland in Nikko

Nikko Edo Wonderland

Nikko Edo Wonderland is a theme park located in the Nikko city of Tochigi, Japan. It is a popular tourist destination for those who want to experience the Edo period of Japan.

Getting There

The approximate latitude and longitude of Nikko Edo Wonderland is 36.7199° N, 139.6986° E. The easiest way to get there is by taking a train from Tokyo Station to Nikko Station. From Nikko Station, take a bus to the theme park.


There are many attractions in Nikko Edo Wonderland, including:

  • Ninja Shows: Watch live ninja performances and learn about their history and techniques.
  • Samurai Sword Fighting: Experience the thrill of samurai sword fighting in a live show.
  • Traditional Crafts: Learn how to make traditional Japanese crafts like pottery and paper.
  • Edo Town: Walk through a replica of an Edo period town and experience what life was like during that time.
  • Haunted House: Experience the scares and thrills of a haunted house.

Food and Souvenirs

There are many food and souvenir options in Nikko Edo Wonderland, including:

  • Traditional Japanese Food: Try some of the delicious Japanese food like ramen, udon, and sushi.
  • Souvenirs: Take home some traditional Japanese souvenirs like samurai swords, ninja stars, and kimonos.
  • Snacks: Enjoy some Japanese snacks like mochi, manju, and senbei.


If you want to experience the Edo period of Japan, Nikko Edo Wonderland is the perfect place to visit. With its many attractions, food options, and souvenirs, you are sure to have a great time.