Osaka Castle in Minoo Area

Osaka Castle in Minoo, Osaka, Japan

Osaka Castle is one of the most famous landmarks in Japan and is located in the Minoo area of Osaka. The castle has a rich history and is a must-visit for anyone interested in Japanese culture and history.


Osaka Castle was originally built in 1583 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi as a symbol of his power and to unify Japan. The castle has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times throughout history, most recently in 1931 after a fire destroyed much of the original castle. Today, the castle is a museum and popular tourist attraction.

Visiting Osaka Castle

Visitors to Osaka Castle can explore the castle grounds, which include the castle tower, gardens, and various historical exhibits. The castle tower offers panoramic views of the surrounding area and is a popular spot for taking photos.

Getting to Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is located in the Minoo area of Osaka and is easily accessible by train. The closest station is Osakajokoen Station, which is on the JR Loop Line. The castle is also a short walk from Morinomiya Station on the Chuo and Osaka Subway Lines.

Approximate Latitude and Longitude

34.6874° N, 135.5259° E