Mikimoto Pearl Island in Toba Area

Mikimoto Pearl Island

Mikimoto Pearl Island is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Toba, Mie, Japan. Located at approximately 34.4812° N, 136.8437° E, this small island is famous for its history of pearl cultivation and its beautiful pearl jewelry.

History of Mikimoto Pearl Island

The island was founded by Kokichi Mikimoto, a Japanese entrepreneur who is credited with creating the first cultured pearl. In 1893, Mikimoto succeeded in creating a pearl by implanting a small bead into an oyster, which then grew into a pearl. This discovery revolutionized the pearl industry and made pearls more affordable and accessible to people around the world.

What to See and Do

Visitors to Mikimoto Pearl Island can take a tour of the pearl museum, which showcases the history of pearl cultivation and the process of creating pearls. There are also demonstrations of pearl harvesting, where visitors can see how oysters are raised and pearls are extracted.

In addition to the museum, there is a shop where visitors can purchase beautiful pearl jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The island also has a restaurant and a park with beautiful views of the sea.

Getting There

Mikimoto Pearl Island is located in Toba, Mie, Japan. The island is accessible by ferry from Toba Station or by car. The ferry ride takes about 10 minutes and costs around 1,500 yen.


Mikimoto Pearl Island is a fascinating destination for anyone interested in the history of pearl cultivation or anyone looking for beautiful pearl jewelry. With its stunning views, informative museum, and unique shopping experience, Mikimoto Pearl Island is a must-visit destination in Toba, Mie, Japan.