Shima Onsen in Tsumagoi Area

About Shima Onsen

Shima Onsen is a hot spring resort located in the Tsumagoi area of Gunma, Japan. It is known for its therapeutic waters that are said to cure various ailments. The hot springs have been in use for over a thousand years and are a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

Things to do in Shima Onsen

  • Take a dip in the hot springs
  • Visit the Shima Onsen Museum to learn about the history of the hot springs
  • Explore the Shima Onsen Townscape, a traditional Japanese village
  • Take a hike in the surrounding mountains
  • Try the local cuisine, including soba noodles and river fish

How to get to Shima Onsen

Shima Onsen is located in Gunma Prefecture, approximately 3 hours from Tokyo by train. The nearest station is Nakanojo Station, which is served by the Agatsuma Line. From Nakanojo Station, take a bus to Shima Onsen.

Where to stay in Shima Onsen

There are several ryokans, or traditional Japanese inns, in Shima Onsen that offer accommodations and hot spring baths. Some popular options include:

  • Shima Grand Hotel
  • Shima Tamura
  • Shima Onsen Kashiwaya Ryokan