Sobetsu Area

Sobetsu area in Hokkaido, Japan is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by adventurous travelers. Nestled between the stunning Lake Toya and the majestic Mount Usu, Sobetsu offers breathtaking views of the surrounding natural wonders. Visitors can experience the thrill of skiing down the powdery slopes of Mount Usu or take a relaxing dip in one of the many hot springs scattered throughout the area. The town of Sobetsu is known for its delicious seafood, especially the fresh and succulent Hokkaido scallops. The nearby Toyako Onsen village is a must-visit destination for those seeking a traditional Japanese hot spring experience. The village boasts numerous hot springs and ryokans, where visitors can indulge in a luxurious soak and enjoy the stunning views of Lake Toya. For those seeking a bit of adventure, the nearby Mount Usu Geopark offers hiking trails that lead to volcanic craters and stunning vistas. The park also features a ropeway that takes visitors to the summit of Mount Usu for a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Overall, Sobetsu area in Hokkaido is a perfect destination for travelers seeking a mix of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty.