Top 10 things to do in sangbong dong Area

  1. Jinju Castle

    Address: 44-1 Jinjuseong-gil, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    Explore the ancient fortress of Jinju Castle, which dates back to the Joseon Dynasty. This impressive site offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and a glimpse into Korea's rich history.
  2. Jinju National Museum

    Address: 15-1 Yeollin-gil, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    Discover the cultural heritage of Jinju-si at the Jinju National Museum. The museum has a vast collection of artifacts and exhibits, including pottery, paintings, and sculptures from the Gaya and Silla Kingdoms.
  3. Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival

    Address: 44-1 Jinjuseong-gil, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    Join in on the celebration of the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival, a traditional lantern festival held every October. The festival features beautiful lantern displays, traditional performances, and delicious food.
  4. Jinju Traditional Market

    Address: 72-1 Nambu Market-gil, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    Get a taste of local life at Jinju Traditional Market, where you can find a variety of fresh produce, seafood, and street food. The market is a great place to experience the local culture and try some delicious Korean snacks.
  5. Jinju Hanok Village

    Address: 14-1 Gyeongnam-ro 1701beon-gil, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    Immerse yourself in the traditional Korean architecture and culture at Jinju Hanok Village. The village features beautifully preserved hanok houses, which are traditional Korean houses made of wood and clay.
  6. Jinju Rail Bike

    Address: 21-9 Yeollin-gil, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    Take a scenic ride through the countryside on the Jinju Rail Bike. The rail bike follows the old railway tracks and offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.
  7. Jinju Art Museum

    Address: 1-1 Yeollin-gil, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    Appreciate the arts at the Jinju Art Museum, which features a collection of modern and contemporary Korean artwork. The museum also hosts various exhibitions and events throughout the year.
  8. Jinju Fisheries Science Museum

    Address: 33-1 Nambu Market-gil, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    Learn about the local marine life at the Jinju Fisheries Science Museum. The museum has a variety of exhibits and displays, including a collection of live fish and a touch tank where visitors can interact with marine creatures.
  9. Jinju Sports Park

    Address: 187-1 Jungang-daero, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    Get active at Jinju Sports Park, which offers a variety of sports facilities, including a soccer field, basketball court, and tennis court. The park is a great place to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.
  10. Jinju Cinema

    Address: 55-1 Nambu Market-gil, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    Catch the latest movies at Jinju Cinema, a modern movie theater located in the heart of Jinju-si. The cinema features comfortable seats, state-of-the-art sound systems, and a variety of snacks and drinks.