Momosuke Bridge in Kiso Area

Momosuke Bridge in Nagano, Japan

Momosuke Bridge is a historic bridge located in the Kiso area of Nagano, Nagano, Japan. It is also known as the "Sarutobi Sasuke Bridge" because of its association with the famous ninja.

The bridge was built in 1874 and used to be an important transportation route during the Edo period. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the Kiso River.

The bridge is made of wood and has a length of 44 meters and a height of 13 meters. It is supported by six stone pillars and has a unique curved design that adds to its beauty.

Legend has it that the bridge was built by the ninja Sarutobi Sasuke, who used his skills to construct it in only one night. The bridge was named after Momosuke, a local farmer who helped Sasuke during the construction.

If you visit Momosuke Bridge, you can also explore the nearby villages of Narai and Tsumago, which are both well-preserved examples of traditional Japanese architecture and culture.

The approximate latitude and longitude of Momosuke Bridge are 35.7722° N, 137.6160° E.

Don't miss the chance to visit this historic and beautiful bridge in Nagano, Japan!