Chiyokawa Onsen in Tosu Area

Chiyokawa Onsen Guide

If you're looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating hot spring experience in Saga, Japan, Chiyokawa Onsen is a must-visit destination. Located in the Tosu area of Saga, this hot spring resort offers a variety of therapeutic baths and beautiful natural scenery.

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Chiyokawa Onsen is by car. The onsen is located about 30 minutes from Saga City and about 45 minutes from Fukuoka City. If you're coming from Tokyo, you can take a flight to Fukuoka Airport and rent a car from there.


Chiyokawa Onsen has several traditional Japanese ryokan (inns) where you can stay overnight. The ryokan offer a variety of room types, from standard rooms to luxurious suites with private hot springs. Most ryokan also provide meals, including breakfast and dinner.

Hot Springs

Chiyokawa Onsen is known for its high-quality hot springs, which are said to have therapeutic benefits for various health conditions, including muscle pain, joint pain, and skin problems. The onsen has several different types of baths, including indoor and outdoor baths, as well as private baths that can be reserved for an additional fee. One of the most unique features of Chiyokawa Onsen is the "kakeyu" bath, which involves pouring hot spring water over your head and body using a bamboo ladle.


In addition to soaking in the hot springs, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy in Chiyokawa Onsen. The surrounding area is full of natural beauty, including forests, rivers, and mountains. You can go hiking, fishing, or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll through the countryside. The onsen also offers traditional Japanese cultural experiences, such as tea ceremonies and flower arrangement classes.


Chiyokawa Onsen is a hidden gem in Saga, Japan, offering a peaceful and relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you're looking to soothe your muscles in the hot springs, explore the natural beauty of the area, or immerse yourself in Japanese culture, Chiyokawa Onsen has something for everyone.