Lanyang Museum in Luodong Township Area

About Lanyang Museum

Lanyang Museum is a museum located in the Luodong Township area of Yilan, Yilan, Taiwan. It was established in 2010 and designed by Kris Yao, a renowned Taiwanese architect. The museum's name "Lanyang" comes from the indigenous Kavalan language, meaning "blue ocean". The museum aims to showcase the cultural heritage and natural environment of the Lanyang Plain.


The museum has four permanent exhibition halls and one temporary exhibition hall:

  • The "Lanyang Plain" exhibition hall showcases the history, geography, flora and fauna of the Lanyang Plain.
  • The "Lanyang People" exhibition hall showcases the culture, customs and traditions of the indigenous Kavalan people and the Han Chinese settlers.
  • The "Lanyang Industry" exhibition hall showcases the development of the local agriculture, fishing and mining industries.
  • The "Lanyang Landscape" exhibition hall showcases the natural scenery and landmarks of the Lanyang Plain.
  • The temporary exhibition hall features rotating exhibitions on various themes.


In addition to the exhibition halls, the museum also has:

  • A library with books, magazines and audio-visual materials related to the museum's themes.
  • A souvenir shop selling locally made crafts, snacks and souvenirs.
  • A cafe serving coffee, tea and light refreshments.
  • An outdoor plaza with sculptures and a view of the nearby Dongshan River.

The museum is also wheelchair accessible and has a parking lot for visitors.


The museum is located at No.750, Section 3, Qingyun Road, Wujie Township, Yilan County, Taiwan 268.

The approximate latitude and longitude of the museum is 24.6783° N, 121.7567° E.

Visitors can take a bus or taxi from the Luodong Train Station to the museum, which is about 15 minutes away.