Luodong Sports Park in Luodong Township Area

Luodong Sports Park

Located in the Luodong Township area of Yilan, Yilan, Taiwan, Luodong Sports Park is a popular destination for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The park covers an area of 4.5 hectares and boasts a range of facilities and amenities for visitors to enjoy.


The park features a multi-purpose stadium with a seating capacity of 5,000, a track and field area, a basketball court, a children's playground, and a fitness area with outdoor exercise equipment. There are also several walking and cycling paths throughout the park, making it a great place to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors.


In addition to its sports facilities, Luodong Sports Park is also home to a variety of flora and fauna. There are several ponds in the park, which are home to fish and ducks, and there are also many trees and plants throughout the park, providing shade and beauty.


Throughout the year, Luodong Sports Park hosts a range of events and activities, including sports competitions, music concerts, and cultural festivals. Check the park's website for a schedule of upcoming events.


Luodong Sports Park is located at approximately 24.6791° N, 121.7589° E in the Luodong Township area of Yilan, Yilan, Taiwan.

Getting There

The park is easily accessible by public transport. Take the train or bus to Luodong Station, and then take a taxi or bus to the park. Alternatively, you can rent a bike and cycle to the park from Luodong Station.


Whether you are a sports enthusiast or simply looking for a beautiful outdoor space to relax and enjoy nature, Luodong Sports Park is a must-visit destination in Yilan, Taiwan. With its range of facilities, natural beauty, and exciting events, the park has something for everyone.