Xitou Monster Village Night Market in Xitou Area

Xitou Monster Village Night Market Guide

If you're looking for a unique and exciting night market experience in Taiwan, look no further than Xitou Monster Village Night Market. Located in the Xitou area of Nantou, Nantou, Taiwan, this night market is known for its spooky and fun monster theme.


Approximate latitude and longitude: 23.6340° N, 120.9071° E

What to Eat

At Xitou Monster Village Night Market, you'll find a variety of delicious and unique snacks and dishes. Some popular options include:

  • Monster-themed desserts, such as cakes and cookies decorated with cute or spooky monster faces
  • Sausages and meats grilled on skewers
  • Stinky tofu, a pungent and flavorful tofu dish
  • Oyster omelettes, a local specialty made with eggs and fresh oysters
  • Hot pot, a communal meal where you cook your own meat and vegetables in a boiling pot of broth

What to Do

In addition to the delicious food, Xitou Monster Village Night Market has plenty of fun activities and attractions to enjoy. Some highlights include:

  • Monster-themed carnival games, such as ring toss and balloon darts
  • Live music and performances by local musicians and artists
  • Photo opportunities with giant monster statues and decorations
  • Shopping for handmade crafts and souvenirs from local vendors
  • Exploring the nearby Xitou Nature Education Area, a beautiful park with hiking trails and scenic views

When to Go

Xitou Monster Village Night Market is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6pm to 11pm. However, it's best to go on a weekend night when the market is at its busiest and most lively.


Overall, Xitou Monster Village Night Market is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a fun and unique night market experience in Taiwan. With its delicious food, fun activities, and spooky monster theme, it's sure to be a memorable experience for the whole family.