Xitou Tea Farm in Xitou Area

Xitou Tea Farm Guide

If you're looking for a unique and beautiful destination in Taiwan, look no further than Xitou Tea Farm. Located in the Xitou area of Nantou, Nantou, Taiwan, this tea farm is a must-visit for anyone interested in tea, nature, and stunning views.

Getting There

Xitou Tea Farm is located at approximately 23.6454° N, 120.8053° E. The easiest way to get there is by car, but you can also take a bus from Taichung or Nantou City. The bus ride takes about 1.5 hours and drops you off at the entrance to the farm.

Exploring the Farm

Once you arrive at Xitou Tea Farm, you'll be greeted by acres of lush green tea fields and stunning mountain views. Take a stroll through the fields and learn about the tea-making process from the friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Be sure to visit the tea house, where you can sample a variety of teas and enjoy a peaceful moment overlooking the fields. You can also purchase tea to take home with you.

Other Attractions

Xitou Tea Farm is located near several other attractions, including the Xitou Nature Education Area, which features hiking trails, waterfalls, and a suspension bridge. You can also visit the nearby Shanlinxi Forest Recreation Area, which is known for its scenic views and hiking trails.


Xitou Tea Farm is a unique and beautiful destination in Taiwan that is well worth a visit. Whether you're a tea lover or simply appreciate stunning natural beauty, you'll find plenty to enjoy at this gorgeous tea farm.