Loikaw Area

Welcome to Loikaw, the capital of Kayah state in Myanmar, where natural beauty and cultural heritage await you! This off-the-beaten-path destination is a hidden gem for adventurous travelers seeking to explore the unspoiled beauty of Southeast Asia. Loikaw is surrounded by lush green hills, dotted with traditional Kayah villages, and is home to the famous Kayan Lahwi tribe, also known as the "long-necked women." You can witness their unique culture and traditions, including their distinctive clothing and neck rings, which have fascinated travelers for centuries. The town itself is a charming mix of old and new, with colonial-era buildings and bustling markets selling local handicrafts and fresh produce. Take a stroll along the picturesque Thiri Mingalar Market, where you can sample local delicacies like Shan noodles and grilled fish, or visit the Kayah State Cultural Museum to learn more about the region's rich history. For nature lovers, the nearby Demoso waterfall and Htee Pwint Kan cave offer stunning views and hiking opportunities. Don't miss the chance to experience the unique culture and natural beauty of Loikaw, a truly unforgettable destination in Myanmar.

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