1. Tsubame Sanjo Factory Tour

    Address: 5-2-1 Higashiyama, Tsubame, Niigata
    Take a guided tour of the factories in the Tsubame Sanjo area, where skilled craftsmen create high-quality metalwork products. See the intricate process of making everything from cutlery to tea kettles, and even try your hand at hammering out your own souvenir.
  2. Tsubame Onsen

    Address: 5-1-1 Minamitsubame, Tsubame, Niigata
    Relax and rejuvenate in the natural hot springs of Tsubame Onsen. Soak in the mineral-rich waters and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of this traditional Japanese spa.
  3. Tsubame Golf Club

    Address: 3-2-1 Higashiyama, Tsubame, Niigata
    Tee off at Tsubame Golf Club, a scenic course with views of the surrounding mountains. Challenge yourself on the fairways and greens, and take in the fresh air and beautiful scenery.
  4. Tsubame Shrine

    Address: 8-1-1 Higashiyama, Tsubame, Niigata
    Explore the history and culture of Tsubame at Tsubame Shrine. Admire the beautiful architecture and intricate details of the shrine buildings, and learn about the local legends and traditions.
  5. Tsubame-Sanjo Station

    Address: 1-1-1 Nishitsubame, Tsubame, Niigata
    Visit Tsubame-Sanjo Station, a unique train station with a modern design that incorporates elements of traditional Japanese metalworking. Take a selfie with the iconic metalwork sculpture in front of the station, and explore the shops and restaurants inside.
  6. Tsubame City Museum of History and Folklore

    Address: 1-2-5 Higashiyama, Tsubame, Niigata
    Learn about the rich history and culture of Tsubame at the City Museum of History and Folklore. See artifacts and exhibits that showcase the area's traditional crafts, festivals, and daily life.
  7. Tsubame-Sanjo Omocha Okoku

    Address: 2-2-14 Kitaokawa, Tsubame, Niigata
    Bring the kids to Tsubame-Sanjo Omocha Okoku, a fun-filled amusement park with rides, games, and attractions for all ages. Try your luck at the carnival games, take a spin on the Ferris wheel, or cool off on the water rides.
  8. Tsubame Kannon-do Temple

    Address: 1-2-5 Higashiyama, Tsubame, Niigata
    Visit Tsubame Kannon-do Temple, a peaceful and serene temple with a tranquil garden and pond. Take in the beauty of the cherry blossoms in spring, or enjoy the colorful foliage in autumn.
  9. Tsubame-Sanjo Machi no Eki

    Address: 1-2-5 Higashiyama, Tsubame, Niigata
    Sample local food and crafts at Tsubame-Sanjo Machi no Eki, a roadside station that showcases the best of the region. Taste the delicious rice dishes, pickles, and sweets, and browse the handmade pottery, textiles, and metalwork.
  10. Tsubame-Sanjo Green Road

    Address: Various locations in Tsubame and Sanjo
    Take a leisurely bike ride along the Tsubame-Sanjo Green Road, a scenic route that winds through the countryside and connects the two cities. Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery, and stop at local attractions and shops along the way.