Visiting the Takaoka City Museum of Art in Takaoka Area

Visiting the Takaoka City Museum of Art

If you're planning a trip to Toyama, Japan, make sure to visit the Takaoka City Museum of Art. Located in the Takaoka area of Toyama, the museum showcases a variety of art pieces, including sculptures, paintings, and ceramics.

Getting There

The Takaoka City Museum of Art is located at 1-1-30 Nishinakano, Takaoka, Toyama 933-0035, Japan. The approximate latitude and longitude are 36.7393° N, 137.0195° E. You can reach the museum by taking a train to Takaoka Station and then a bus or taxi to the museum.


The museum features a permanent collection of works by local and national artists, as well as rotating exhibits. Some of the highlights of the museum's collection include:

  • Works by the Takaoka Art School, including sculptures by Kotaro Takamura
  • Japanese ceramics, including pieces from the Edo period
  • Paintings by local artists, including Kojiro Matsukata and Tetsuo Ochiai


The Takaoka City Museum of Art has a gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs and art-related items. There is also a cafe on the premises where you can grab a snack or a drink. The museum is wheelchair accessible and has restrooms for visitors.

Hours and Admission

The museum is open from 9:30am to 5:00pm Tuesday through Sunday. It is closed on Mondays and during the New Year's holiday. Admission to the museum is 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for students, and free for children under 18.


The Takaoka City Museum of Art is a must-see attraction for art lovers visiting Toyama. With its impressive collection and convenient location, it's a great destination for a day trip or a longer stay in the area.