Anping Tree House in Xinying District Area

Anping Tree House Guide

The Anping Tree House is a unique attraction located in the Xinying District area of Tainan, Tainan City, Taiwan. This historic warehouse was built in the early 20th century during the Japanese colonial period and was used to store camphor and other goods. Over time, the building was abandoned and nature took over, with banyan trees growing through the roof and walls.

Today, the Anping Tree House is a popular destination for visitors to Tainan who want to experience a bit of history and nature. The building has been preserved and converted into a museum, with exhibits on the history of the area and the building itself. Visitors can explore the various rooms and levels of the warehouse, and climb up to the roof for a stunning view of the surrounding area.

One of the highlights of the Anping Tree House is the banyan trees that grow throughout the building. These massive trees are hundreds of years old and have grown in and around the warehouse, creating a unique and beautiful sight. Visitors can get up close to the trees and even walk through some of the branches.

The Anping Tree House is located at No. 108, Gubao Street, Anping District, Tainan City, Taiwan. Its approximate latitude and longitude are 23.0009° N, 120.1599° E. The museum is open daily from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, and admission is NT$50 for adults and NT$25 for children.

If you're visiting Tainan, the Anping Tree House is definitely worth a visit. It's a unique and fascinating attraction that combines history, nature, and architecture in a truly unforgettable way.