Dayuan District in Taoyuan, Taiwan is a traveler's paradise. This area is known for its natural beauty, bustling night markets, and cultural landmarks. The district is home to the Taoyuan International Airport, making it a convenient place to start or end your journey. The district's natural attractions include the scenic Daxi Old Street, where visitors can stroll through the historic streets and sample local delicacies. The district also boasts the stunning Shimen Reservoir, where visitors can take in breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and waterfalls. For those interested in cultural landmarks, the district has several temples, such as the Zhongli Chenghuang Temple, which is dedicated to the god of the city. The district is also home to the Taoyuan Arts Center, where visitors can enjoy performances and exhibitions. The district's night markets are a must-visit for foodies, with a wide variety of street food and local snacks on offer. Among the most popular are the Dayuan Night Market and the Zhongli Night Market. With its combination of natural beauty, cultural landmarks, and delicious food, Dayuan District in Taoyuan is a destination that should not be missed.