Taichung Park in Beitun District Area

About Taichung Park

Taichung Park is a large urban park located in the Beitun District area of Taichung, Taichung City, Taiwan. It covers an area of approximately 10 hectares and is one of the oldest parks in Taiwan, dating back to the Japanese colonial period.

Things to Do in Taichung Park

There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Taichung Park. Some of the most popular include:

  • Walking or jogging on the park's many paths and trails
  • Visiting the pond to feed the fish and ducks
  • Exploring the many gardens and green spaces
  • Playing basketball or other sports on the courts and fields
  • Relaxing on the benches and enjoying the scenery

There is also a children's playground, a small zoo, and a greenhouse with a variety of exotic plants to explore.

Getting There

Taichung Park is located at approximately 24.1609° N, 120.6837° E. It is easily accessible by public transportation, with several bus stops and a nearby MRT station. Visitors can also take a taxi or drive their own car and park in one of the park's designated parking areas.