Tsu Matsuri in Tsu Area

Tsu Matsuri

Tsu Matsuri is a traditional Japanese festival that takes place in the city of Tsu in Mie Prefecture, Japan. The festival is held annually on the second weekend of October and is one of the largest and most exciting festivals in the region.


The Tsu Matsuri has been celebrated for over 400 years and has its roots in the Edo period. The festival was originally held to pray for a good harvest and to protect the city from disasters. Today, the festival is a celebration of the city's rich cultural heritage and attracts thousands of visitors from all over Japan and the world.


The festival is known for its elaborate floats, which are pulled through the streets by teams of men dressed in traditional clothing. Each float is decorated with intricate carvings and brightly colored lanterns, and features musicians playing traditional Japanese music. Visitors can also enjoy traditional Japanese food, games, and performances, including taiko drumming and dance performances.


The Tsu Matsuri takes place in the city of Tsu in Mie Prefecture, Japan. The approximate latitude and longitude of Tsu is 34.7326° N, 136.5086° E.


The Tsu Matsuri is a must-see event for anyone visiting Japan in October. It is a celebration of Japanese culture and tradition, and offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the country's rich heritage. Don't miss out on this exciting and unforgettable festival!