Yamagata Beef in Yamagata Area

Guide to Yamagata Beef in Yamagata, Japan

If you're a meat lover, you cannot leave Yamagata without trying its world-famous beef. Yamagata prefecture is home to some of the most delicious and sought-after beef in Japan, known as Yamagata beef.

What is Yamagata Beef?

Yamagata beef is a type of wagyu beef that is raised in the Yamagata prefecture. It is known for its tender texture, rich flavor, and beautiful marbling. The beef is graded based on its marbling, color, texture, and fat quality, with the highest grade being A5.

Where to Try Yamagata Beef in Yamagata

Yamagata has a variety of restaurants that specialize in serving Yamagata beef. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Yamagata Honten - located in the city center, this restaurant offers a variety of Yamagata beef dishes, including steak, sukiyaki, and shabu-shabu.
  • Miyuki - this restaurant is known for its kaiseki-style Yamagata beef course, where you can try a variety of dishes made with different cuts of beef.
  • Tamazawa - located in a traditional Japanese house, this restaurant serves Yamagata beef in a beautiful and serene setting.

How to Enjoy Yamagata Beef

Yamagata beef is best enjoyed simply, with minimal seasoning and cooking to bring out its natural flavor. Some popular ways to enjoy Yamagata beef are:

  • Steak - Yamagata beef steak is a must-try. Cooked to perfection, it is juicy and tender, with a rich and buttery flavor.
  • Sukiyaki - thinly sliced Yamagata beef is simmered in a sweet and savory broth with vegetables and tofu. It is a popular dish during the winter months.
  • Shabu-Shabu - thinly sliced Yamagata beef is cooked in a hot pot with vegetables and dipped in a ponzu or sesame sauce.

Where to Buy Yamagata Beef

If you want to take some Yamagata beef home with you, there are several shops and markets that sell it. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Yamagata Beef Direct Sales Store - located in the city center, this store sells Yamagata beef and other local products.
  • Yamagata Central Market - this market is known for its fresh seafood and also sells Yamagata beef.
  • Yonezawa Meat Market - located in the neighboring city of Yonezawa, this market sells Yonezawa beef, which is another type of wagyu beef raised in Yamagata.


Yamagata beef is a must-try for any meat lover visiting Yamagata. Its tender texture and rich flavor are sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you try it at a restaurant or buy it to take home, Yamagata beef is a true delicacy that is not to be missed.