Top 10 things to do in Yamagata Area

  1. Zao Fox Village

    11-3 Kawarago, Fukuokayatsumiya, Shiroishi, Miyagi 989-0733, Japan
    Get up close and personal with over 100 adorable foxes at Zao Fox Village. Visitors can feed and pet the friendly foxes while exploring the beautiful park.
  2. Yamadera Temple

    4456 Yamadera, Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture 999-3301, Japan
    Climb the 1,015 steps to the top of Yamadera Temple for stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The temple, built over 1,000 years ago, is a popular destination for both tourists and locals.
  3. Ginzan Onsen

    Ginzanshinhata, Obanazawa 999-4333, Yamagata Prefecture
    Relax in the hot springs of Ginzan Onsen, a picturesque town with traditional wooden buildings and lantern-lit streets. The town was once a silver mine and has a rich history and culture.
  4. Dewa Sanzan

    Shonai-Dewasanzan National Park, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
    Explore the three sacred mountains of Dewa Sanzan, which have been worshipped for centuries by pilgrims seeking spiritual enlightenment. The mountains are home to ancient shrines, beautiful forests, and stunning views.
  5. Kaminoyama Castle

    1-1 Kaminoyama Honcho, Kaminoyama 999-3101, Yamagata Prefecture
    Step back in time at Kaminoyama Castle, a beautifully restored castle from the Edo period. Visitors can explore the castle grounds, climb the tower for panoramic views, and learn about the history of the region.
  6. Mogami River Cruise

    20-1 Yuyaricho, Sakata 998-0031, Yamagata Prefecture
    Take a leisurely boat ride down the scenic Mogami River, which winds through the lush countryside of Yamagata. The cruise offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and forests, as well as a glimpse into the traditional way of life along the river.
  7. Zao Onsen Ski Resort

    Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture 990-2301, Japan
    Hit the slopes at Zao Onsen Ski Resort, one of the largest and most popular ski resorts in Japan. The resort offers a variety of runs for all skill levels, as well as hot springs and other amenities.
  8. Yamagata Museum of Art

    3-4-20 Kajo, Yamagata 990-0033, Yamagata Prefecture
    Discover the rich artistic heritage of Yamagata at the Yamagata Museum of Art. The museum features a wide range of Japanese and Western art, as well as special exhibitions and events throughout the year.
  9. Mt. Zao

    Zao, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
    Hike to the top of Mt. Zao for breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the famous "snow monsters" that form on the trees during the winter months. The mountain is also home to several hot springs and other attractions.
  10. Yamagata Beef

    Various restaurants throughout Yamagata
    Taste the delicious and tender Yamagata Beef, which is known for its high quality and marbled texture. The beef is often served as a steak or in hot pot dishes, and can be found at many restaurants throughout the region.