Fukuyama Castle in Fukuyama Area

Fukuyama Castle Guide

Fukuyama Castle is a historical site located in the Fukuyama area of Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan. It is a popular tourist destination for those interested in Japanese history and architecture.


Fukuyama Castle was originally built in 1622 by Mizuno Katsushige, a daimyo (feudal lord) of the Edo Period. The castle was built on a hill overlooking the Fukuyama plain, and was designed to be a military base for the Mizuno clan.

Over the years, the castle was destroyed and rebuilt several times due to various wars and conflicts. The current castle tower was reconstructed in 1966, and is a replica of the original tower.


The castle tower is a five-story structure, with a basement and a rooftop observation deck. It is made of wood and stone, and is surrounded by a moat and stone walls.

Inside the castle, visitors can see displays of historical artifacts and learn about the castle's history. The observation deck offers panoramic views of the surrounding area, including the Seto Inland Sea and the mountains of Shikoku.

Visiting Fukuyama Castle

Fukuyama Castle is open to visitors year-round, and admission is free. The castle is located in the center of Fukuyama City, and is easily accessible by public transportation.

Visitors can also explore the surrounding Fukuyama Castle Park, which features cherry blossom trees in the spring and colorful foliage in the fall.

Approximate latitude and longitude: 34.4863° N, 133.3757° E